At the beginning of the treatment there is a conversation. We discuss universal regularities as well as their practical implementation. Through this, some things can be seen differently.
The following work on the massage table allows one to release and relax. This happens completely automatically, however, it is not a "must". Together with the client I dedicate the flow of life, lay my hands on and feel the body through movements of the water.
I observe healthy, moved water and during the treatment pass the movements of the water onto the client. Depending on the need, I support, strengthen, activate or turn.
By the energetic information of the freely flowing water a change on the emotional, psychological and physical level can be observed. The treated clients get back into a state of "flowing".
The goal of the intuitive energy work is the compensation of discords as well as the regeneration and activation of ones own healing power. The treatment is free of manipulation and very gentle (it takes place fully dressed).
If it is necessary, I work with the frequency with which the brain liquid pulsates. The craniosacral rhythm is used by me as a supplement to the treatment.
Petra Kreuzer