Zentrum im Fluss is a special place, which supports your view on new perspectives and perceptions. If your thoughts are calm, the place will "send" you ideas and perceptible impulses and the answers will come to you in the right moment.
Take your time and let something new grow inside of you in a playful manner and let the receiving power in you find its place. This way, we can contribute to a new earth, together.
Seminars, lectures, hikes to Terra Purusha, and meditations are provided as needed. Former gatherings were described as strength-giving, informative, witty and down-to-earth by the participants.
Seminar aktuell
  • Diabetes in childhood and adolescence
    A report by Florentina Kreuzer
  • Geomantic transformer -
    Multidimensional comprehension of water.
  • Body-oriented working with children and young people -
    Theory and realization.
  • "Training area Tulln" method, what is that?
    Explanation on the model of the "Hauptschule 2" at Tulln.
  • We all know Fidgety Philip, Johnny look-in-the-air, Träumelinchen, Rambo and Co. -
    How can we support and promote them?
  • Mirabehn -
    her life and work/influence up to our times.
Petra Kreuzer