"If we understand the earth as a living and breathing organism, we can heal ourselves and also the earth." Thich Nhat Hanh, Love Letter to Earth
Water would like to be in motion, turn and turn around, from the beginning of the source up to the brook or river. Through these natural movements the water remains "healthy".
Through straightening (controlling, pipes, ducts,…) the water was deprived of its possibility to move naturally. It has low energy and is powerless. Its original power can no longer be felt.
When I, for example, put my hand in a bowl full of river water, I feel, if there is movement in this water and how much. If it turns and rotates, it is "healthy". If it feels inert and motionless, it is "ill".
"Water healing" is possible in diverse areas:
  • drinking water, also creation of your personal "energy water"
  • wells
  • ponds
  • rivers
  • etc

  Terra Purusha
Petra Kreuzer