As you might know, I have been working as a teacher for many years. I grew up with my father being a teacher, so I got to know the school system with all its facets early on. As a counselor, teacher, and colleague I have been present in everyday school life for over 30 years. As a mother I have been experiencing school from another point of view for over 15 years.
Being an empath, I can sense a lot of things and on a physical level I can see the effects of the current situation on our school system. I notice the efforts of our government, trying to improve our education. However, most of the time it feels like there is no connection or communication between the individual hierarchies and it is only about commands and obedience.
This is quite sad, in my opinion, since in the end, we all want the same thing, which is the best possible life for our children. Our children are the creators of our future! However, since education should not be carried, determined, and shaped by individuals, but rather by all of us, we all need to actively work together to improve the situation.
"If we raise our children to be people, who can't think for themselves, we're destroying a foundation of our society. Because children bring new impulses and are our future!" - Christina von Dreien
So it is not about being an impeccable gregarious animal. Because someones' individual potential can only unfurl, if people trust their intuition, follow their hearts and finally find their place in society, so they can contribute to a peaceful and joyful life together.
Which is why I want to know:
How many people are currently interested to create a heart-based educational system or contribute to one?

For this purpose I invite you to send me an e-mail at adressing your opinions and ideas about the topic "education". If you are interested in being interconnected with me, please tell me.
I want to support Christina von Dreien, but also create a similar platform in Austria. Of course you can also post something on Christinas website (linked below), where you can find many different posts about this topic.
"Your voice changes the world. Together, we live in this world and together, we are responsible for it." - Christina von Dreien
Petra Kreuzer