Following my vision, Zentrum im Fluss should become a platform, which unites people with the same ambitions and goals.
These can be people of sciences as well as energetically sensitive people. The centre shall represent a new, mutual vision and stimulate the exchange between science and spirit.
"Rationalism separates things to understand them. If science wants to reach a comprehensive understanding, it must change its point of view." Jeremy Narby, The Cosmic Snake
This means more heart, fantasy, weirdness and curiosity to discover and bring something new into being as consciously creative individuals.
At this point I'm turning to the ones among you who are interested in my actions and would like to collaborate with me.
The plans include treatments of waters after new energetical findings, exploration of fine-materiality of the elements and the expansion of our perception of DNA as the connecting element of life.
Also, we are working on building a network, which promotes the exchange of experiences and as a result offers a variety of seminars and lectures.
"New fields begin as insights, intuitions, hunches and hypotheses. But if we ask further questions, we will come to the terrain of ancient traditions of thought, in which the creative reason bears the most varied names: the one, Brahman, the emptiness, the Tao, the eternal union of Shiva and Shakti, the Holy Trinity." Rupert Sheldrake, The Memory of Nature

Petra Kreuzer